Slings & Cranes

Safe movement of loadsSlings and cranes

Slings and overhead cranes – One-day course

BML offers four nationally accredited training options in safe lifting techniques, using slings and bridge or gantry cranes. These courses are designed for workers who need basic skills in the safe use of lifting equipment.They are not suitable for people who carry out more advanced tasks, such as dogging or rigging work (though many employers use them as an excellent introduction to these higher levels of training)

Our foundation slings course is based on the national unit MSMSUP205 Transfer Loads (6 hrs duration). We also offer RIIUND207D Conduct underground lifting operations for the Mining Industry. Learning outcomes include but limited to:-

  • Identifying load characteristics, including weight and volume
  • Estimating points of balance
  • Understanding sling configurationsSlings and cranes
  • Selecting the right lifting equipment
  • Determining the safest way to move the load
  • Inspecting lifting gear, such as wire ropes, chains and webbing for safety and load capacity
  • Checking sling attachments
  • Attaching slings safely
  • Lifting and moving the load safely
  • Releasing sling attachments
  • Storing goods safely
  • Using mechanical strapping equipment
  • Keeping records

You also have the option of combining MSMSUP205 training with instruction in the safe use of a gantry or bridge crane. This adds an additional two hours to the course (total 8 hours) and includes the following training from the national unit RIIHAN305D Operate a gantry or overhead crane. We can also offer TLID3033 Operate Vehicle-Mounted Loading with MSMSUP205

  • Carrying out pre-start and operational checks on the crane
  • Safe operation of the crane to transfer loads
  • Shut-down procedures
  • Basic inspection and maintenance tasks

As with all our courses, BML will come to your workplace and train your workers in the safe use of the equipment provided for them. We customise the course to suit your particular industry needs.