Confined Spaces Advanced Training

Suitable for those who carry out regular confined space work in challenging environments

If your workers use heights euqipment to descent into confined spaces, work in atmospheres that are subject to change, or require the use of breathing apparatus for their work, they will require advanced training

The training is designed at AQF Certificate III level, so it is suitable for people who work with limited supervision.

The course covers:Confined Spaces Advanced Training

  • Identifying confined spaces
  • WHS Legislation and AS2865
  • Hazards and risk assessment
  • Entry permits
  • Advanced atmospheric monitoring
  • Safe use of heights equipment
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Confined space entry operations
  • Emergency response and recovery

This is a comprehensive course that provides a thorough grounding in confined space safety. It is based on the national training package units:

  • DEFWHS010 Identify Confined Space
  • DEFWHS011 Enter Confined SpaceConfined Spaces Advanced Training
  • DEFWHS012 Test Confined Space Environment
  • DEFWHS013 Control Confined Space Entry
  • PUAFIR207B  Operate Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit

And the nationally accredited course:

  • RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Height

How long is the course? 24 hrs (3days) plus additional unit Recommended for: Water and sewerage workers, chemical industry, extractive industries, defence, construction industry

NB: This course is equivalent to BML’s former 90884NSW Safe Confined Space Entry and Work course. If you already have a certificate for this course, you can receive refresher training in the new Advanced Course.

Advanced Confined Space Safety for the Mining Industry

This course covers all the skills and knowledge developed in the standard Advanced Confined Space Safety Course, with the training specially tailored to the mining environment. Course duration is the same as the general Advanced Course, 3 days. The heights safety unit of this course is based on the mining nationaltraining package unit RIIWHS204D. Work Safely at Heights.

Other mining industry courses

BML also offers RIIWHS204D Work Safely at Heights as a “stand alone” course for mining industry clients, upon request. See the Heights Safety  section for more details.

We also offer the mining unit RIIHAN305D Operate a Gantry or  Overhead Crane, along with comprehensive training in the safe use of slings. See our Slings and Cranes section for more details.