Confined Space Training

Choose from 5 Nationally Recognised Courses

BML now offers a complete range of Nationally Recognised Confined Space courses, to suit your industry needs. Choose from the list below, or speak to our senior trainer. If you need more information, our Frequently Asked Questions section has details on legislative requirements and training options.

1. Confined Space Safety

A 2-day course suitable for people who work under supervision in controlled confined space environments. eg maintenance teams

2. Advanced Confined Space Safety

A 3 day course suitable for people who carry out regular confined space work in challenging environments. eg civil construction, water & sewerage.

3. Advanced Confined Space Safety for the Mining Industry

An advanced course customised for the mining industry environment. Includes a heights safety unit from the national safety training package for mining

4. Confined Space Awareness

An ideal introductory course. Includes how to identify a confined space and knowledge of confined space hazards

5. Confined Space Safety for Managers

A 4 hr intensive course for managers and contract supervisors. Includes training in legislation, hazards and confined space management systems

6. Refresher Training

For those who have completed a nationally recognised course in the past two years and need to update their skills

Optional Unit
Basic Emergency Life Support, available as a stand-alone courses for workplace safety, or add to your confined space training


Site-Specific Training

BML recommends Nationally Recognised Training as the best optinos for confined space safety because:

  • It ensures consistency and quality
  • It provides career benefits for your employees
  • It is generally more economical

However, there are some cases where site-specific training is appropriate and BML can design this training for you. The duration of the course will depend on the confined space/s at your workplace and the type of work to be carried out there. Speak to BML’s senior trainer about the options.


Confined Space Management

BML also offers a comprehensive Confined Space Management service including:

  • Risk assessment
  • Preparation of Emergency Plans
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Supervision
  • Training
  • Confined Space Safety Audits

We have wide experience in confined space management for construction contracts.