Confined Space Safety 2 day course

This is an ideal course for people who work in controlled confined space environments under supervision

The course provides the basic skills to:

  • Recognise a confined space
  • Apply WHS legislation and standards
  • Conduct a risk assessment
  • Complete an entry permit
  • Carry out basic atmospheric testing
  • Perform a confined space entry operation
  • Carry out emergency proceduresConfined Spaces 2 day course

It includes the National Training Package units:

  • DEFWHS010 Identify Confined Space
  • DEFWHS011 Enter Confined Space
  • DEFWHS012 Test Confined Space Environment
  • DEFWHS013 Control Confined Space Entry

Participants can build on this training to complete the Advanced Course

How long is the course? 16 hrs (2 days)

Recommended for: Stormwater construction/maintenance crews, hospital maintenance crews, manufacturing plant process/maintenance crews, inspectors, defence personnel.